Buying and Selling on the Same Day in Marblehead, Massachusetts

We just did a “first” at North Shore Real Estate Solutions….we sold our renovated property at 73 Jersey St, Marblehead and bought a new one to renovate at 228 Atlantic Ave, Marblehead on the same day!

73-jersey-street-marblehead-ma_108-hdr3The Jersey Street house came out great!  It went from a hoarder house to a beautiful home.  Check out the “Before and After Photos and Videos on our website:—-jersey-st–marblehead.html

The Atlantic Ave house is in great shape to begin with; it just needs a little updating to make it shine again! The “Before” photos are avaialbe on our website:  img_1067—atlantic-ave–marblehead.html

Stay tuned to further renovations on our latest acquisitions, here in Marblehead, and with our other properties.

Kathy Schuck, North Shore Real Estate Solutions, LLC

Journal of Our First New Construction – Phase 5

IMG_0871<We just finished the exterior work on this house and put up interior walls, so it’s finally looking like a real house.  We plan to put it on the market and pre-sell it as “new construction” as soon as we get some stair and balcony railings up, that is. We don’t want anyone falling down three stories! So if you are interested in buying brand new construction in Amesbury, MA, let us know. Now is your chance to pick out your paint color, kitchen cabinets, counters, appliances, light fixtures and carpeting! Check out our website at: for more information and videos or call us at: 978-809-3999.

Kathy and Alex Schuck, North Shore Real Estate Solutions, LLC



Journal of Our First New Construction – Phase 4

WP_20160401_001 WP_20160401_002

The siding, windows and doors are in!  We chose a “Coastal Sage” vinyl siding for the project.  It looks gray in the pictures but it is a light sage green. Although you can’t see it from the pictures, the plumbing, electric, and duct work have been roughed in.  We just have to wait for a series of warmer days to pour the concrete garage and basement floors, then we can put in the furnace. Unfortunately in New England, we have to work around the weather!

Journal of Our First New Construction – Phase 2

After a few months of delay, we finally got the “go ahead” to tear down the existing house to make way for our new house!  First we had to make sure all utilities were shut off.  Then we needed to remove the old oil tank and locate the position of the old septic system in order to crush it.  With the new house, we plan to connect to both gas and city sewer on the street, which are more desirable to buyers.  Once we got the demo permit we were good to go!

Journal of Our First New Construction – Phase 1

WP_20151228_003Small-Final with logo

North Shore Real Estate Solutions has been in business for over 5 years but we recently just undertook our first tear-down and new construction project! We hope that it is the first of more to come.

Backstory: We purchase this property located at 23 Clinton Street, Amesbury, MA, back in May of 2015. In June, we started the process of hiring a land engineering company to survey the land. We also hired a builder to build the house and give us a plan of what the house would look like.

The hardest part so far was obtaining the permission from the Conservation Committee because the existing house was located on the bank of a river, so we had to consider the environmental impact of building a new house. Our plan was to disturb as little of the surrounding area as possible by tearing down the existing house and rebuilding on the same foundation. After many months of surveying and presenting plans in front of the ConCom Committee, we finally got approval on our plans and a demolition permit.

We plan to do a weekly blog detailing the progress of the house.  Hopefully it will be entertaining and educational for new investors or anyone looking to build a new home.

Alex and Kathy Schuck, North Shore Real Estate Solutions